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Alamak Chat policy advocates free speech as long as it does not infringe on the rights of the majority of other chatters. Harrassment etc is not tolerated, please see our Chat Rules for full description.

If you violate the rules you may be kicked or banned from the chat. We try to make these kicks and bans as specific as possible but with the use of open proxies etc it is very difficult to keep a determined abuser out of the chat. We are aware that some bans affect innocent users and apologize for any inconvenience.

Bans are automatically cleared every 2 hours or less if the Operator who placed the ban removes it.

If you have a complaint about an Operator who is abusive you can report it to the committee. To find committee online you can type /whois ##.

To submit a report you need to get the Operators real nick and ID. Its best if you get another operator to do an /id and /abuse and then use the /com command to report it to the committee.

If you feel one of the committee is unfair you can contact one of our office staff online or send a contactus complaint, see our Contact Us page. Over time complaints could lead to action against the Operator to curb abuse.

Unfortunately regular users do not have access to the /com and /abuse commands to provide proof of abuse. See about signing up for Ops if you want to help make Alamak a better place.
  1. Mail Application Signup
  2. Credit Card Signup

 Ban Logs

In addition to /abuse logs the server keeps a record of all kicks and bans on the server and who did them and what time etc. If an Op goes on a banning spree it will be evident in these logs. The /abuse logs can only be seen by the Committee but ban logs are public.
  1. Main Server #1 BanLogs
  2. International #2 BanLogs
  3. Malaysia #MY BanLogs
  4. Turkey #TR BanLogs
  5. Singapore #SG BanLogs

Alamak has two directories for banlogs with filenames indicating which server log you are reading followed by the date as

Ban logs look like the following:

Nick / IP address / Room / Time / Action / Who / Reason

Note that the time is important, it is the number of seconds since login when the actions takes place, Ops that have excessive numbers of low times would be suspended for abuse (they login kick or ban and then quit).