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To login you must first choose a nickname. Nicknames can use the letters (a-z A-Z), numbers (0-9), and underscore "_". Note that under the Chat Rules, offensive nicks are not allowed.

You cannot use a nickname that is already in use on the chat by someone else. If you choose a nickname already in use you will get a "nickname invalid" message and have to return to the entry page and enter a new nickname.

Although no two people have the same nick on the chat at the same time, this does not mean that a person with a nick at one time is necessarily the same person with that nick at some other time. If you see someone with the same nickname as a person you spoke with before, do not assume they are the same person!

Nicknames are case sensitive. If you try to send a private message to Darrel and type m DARREL [message] it will fail because Darrel and DARREL are not the same, except if you've already sent one message to Darrel, see more on message shortcuts below.

Operators are Alamak members who have reserved nicknames on the chat. If the Ops account is active no one else can use that Operators nickname.

 User Passwords

Normally regular users do not have to enter a password, but if the robot blocker is turned on it is required. Even if the robot blocker is off you are encouraged to use a password, just make one up!

If you enter a password (you can just make one up) and for some reason get disconnected you can use the same nick and same password to login again even if your old nick has not yet expired in the chat. Otherwise will have to wait 5 minutes to get your nickname back. Your options if you get disconnected are...
  1. Enable your cookies, this allows auto-recapture of your nick.
  2. Use a password so you can relogin with the same nick and password.
  3. Login with another nickname and type /nick [old_nickname] after 5 min.
  4. Wait 5 minutes to login with your old nick.

The first two assume you enable your cookies before login and used a password.
Yes! We suggest you enable your cookies, this way if you get disconnected and return to the chat page in less than 5 minutes you can recapture your old nick and continue chatting where you left off! You might not even notice the interruption!

 User Passwords - Required

In some cases the chat get under attack by flood robots, automated programs that login and flood the chat with annoying messages. These are hackers or other chat businesses who want to disrupt chatters on Alamak. If this happens the robot blocker is turned on and all users must enter a password to login. It's really quite simple and a FREE PASSWORD IMAGE will popup if required. If this happens you will see something like ...

Non-Members enter >>><<< for Password.

This means you will have to enter the password shown in the box as a password. In this example 49637 as password. This password is good only once!