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Chat Commands

 Mail Set


Allows or Disallows other people to send chat mail to you. This is only available to Ops. Type /mailset and you will be given a list of options or links to CLICK..

Basic Options
  1. Reset Globals which resets everything to the default.
  2. Deny Ops - deny ops
  3. Deny Friends - deny non-ops who are portal users
  4. Deny Users - deny all regular users
  5. Remove ALL Non-Globals - remove list of Ops/Friends to block

 IP Switching

/ips [0-4]

If you frequently get kicked off the chat for IP switching then use /ips 0 as soon as you login because the IP switching block will kick in after 5 pages. Frames mode itself uses 3 pages during login so you just have enough time to type /ips 0.

Some ISP's will switch your IP address. The chat does normally not allow this because other users may try by sniffing packets to steal your session and invade your privacy by reading what you send and receive. By default we allow some IP switching.
  1. -> (allowed)
  2. -> (allowed)
  3. -> (allowed)
  4. -> (not allowed)
  5. -> (not allowed)

Sometimes your IP may vary or you may want greater security if you think your IP doesn't switch.

    /ips 0 - no security /ips 1 - low security (default) /ips 2 - medium security /ips 3 - high security /ips 4 - exact IP only lowest security

This doesn't mean it's easy to take someones session with /ips 0. We have other methods to prevent people from stealing session ID's but it is not impossible either.

 Refresh Speed

/speed [10-999]

When you are using frames (see the /fr command) the chat window is automatically refreshed every 20 seconds. You can change the speed of the refresh using the /speed command to anywhere between 10 and 999 seconds.

Note: The chat server will disconnect you if you have not refreshed within the last 6 minutes (300 seconds).

 Background Color

/bg [bgcolor code] or /bg [bgcolor code]:[text color code]

You can also use plain colors like /bg black:white if you don't want to use a special color code.

The /bg command sets the background color of your chat screen. The color code can either be in six digit hexidecimal RRGGBB format or a valid color name. Visit the Color List page for a list of valid colors.

You can also use /bg [bgcolor];[text_color] to set your background and text color. For example you want to be wild you can type /bg black:pink or /bg 000000:FFAAAA which is probably similar to pink text on black background.

 Page Length

/len [0-40]

Depending on the font size or what type of browser you are using, the display can be improved by adjusting the number of lines shown with the /len command. Type /len followed by a number between 0 and 20 (for Ops it can be between 0-40). The default number of lines to display is 15. Some users who talk privately with many other users amy find it better to reduce the number of lines.

Note: Unfortunately the display is not simple to control since font sizes and formatting can differ radically between browsers. The /len command actually adjusts the number of messages displayed, not the actual number of lines (messages can take more than one line). Lynx users may find it helpful to set "/len 10".

 Page Width

/wid [10-150]

Send the width of the input field at the bottom of the page. Not many people use this but if your picky about your page layout it's useful. Ops might consider it more useful because it's saved in thier preferences and they only have to set it once.

 Toggle Room Menus


If you don't use frames and are totally comfortable with changing rooms with the /join and /list commands you might use /menu to speed up chatting.

This enables or disables the room menu pulldown. To change rooms you just click on the room name at the bottom where the pulldown used to be and it will give you a list, just like /list. If you really prefer to have the full menu on every page (slower) then type /menu again to return to standard roomlist mode.

If you are using frames mode this option isn't useful since the pulldown is kept in the lower frame which does not refresh anyway. One reason why frames is faster!

It also conserves bandwidth because less information is downloaded so if you pay for your connection based on traffic rather than a flat monthly subscription its worth it.

 Away Mode


We suggest you do not use /away mode. Instead use frames instead and set your refresh speed to 280 seconds. Like /speed 280. It is better to just use frames then your screen will auto-refresh. Also if you miss some messages while you were away you can type /mold to view your old messages. MOLD stands for Messages OLD.

The /away command stops your Alamak connection timing out. During normal chat, the server will disconnect you if you do not type anything for 6 minutes. If you switch to away mode, you can stay away from your keyboard for up to an hour.