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Alamak Guestbooks

Alamak provides a FREE guestbook for friends to sign when they visit your Home Page.

It only takes 60 seconds to make a guestbook, even for beginners.

Guestbooks are a way of collecting comments and messages from people who visit your website. If you do not have a website you can make your guestbook your home page.

| Create | Index | Preferences | Edit | Remove |

You do not even need to have a Home Page to make a Guestbook. If you leave the HomePage URL field blank, it will automatically set the new Guestbook itself as a HomePage. Many people do this since making a Guestbook it's faster and easier than making a Homepage.

To create a your own guestbook, go to the Guestbook Create page, and enter a Filename and Password for your Guestbook, and your email address. You can start with the defaults or, if you wish, you can modify the appearance of your guestbook.

The CREATE page lets you set all your preferences for your new page.

  1. File - The name of your guestbook.
  2. Password - You will need this to modify your guestbook.
  3. Email address - You can have your guestbook send you an email everytime somebody makes an entry.
  4. Home Page URL - You can specify the URL of your homepage here. You can leave this field blank.
  5. Guestbook Title - Goes on the browser's title bar when people are viewing your guestbook.
  6. Visible Title - The HTML that is put at the top of your guestbook.
  7. Welcome message - The HTML message that is displayed at the top of your guestbook.

Most of these fields have defaults. All you are required to enter are the file, password and your email address.

When everything is as you want it, click on the CREATE GUESTBOOK button and you're done! You can always come back and change the appearance later with the Edit Form

If you do have a HomePage, you will be given the code to add to your page once you have created your guestbook.

Later you can use your password to edit and delete unwanted guestbook entries, or delete the guestbook entirely. The forms can also be used at any time to reset the guestbook colors, background and text.

Have fun collecting signatures and getting feedback on your HomePage!!!