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"Fun & Friendly Chat & Games since 1995"
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Alamak Operators / Privileges

 Unlimited Access

Alamak Operator status entitles you to unlimited access to all our services on all of our servers. The chat servers do have a maximum user limit and as an Operators you will be permitted preferential access even if our system is full. Even if your IP gets banned you can still login with your Ops nickname and password.

 Reserved Nicks

Operators get a reserved nickname which only they can use in the chat and with our other services.

The chat server even reserves look alike nicknames. For example if an Operator signs up with the nickname joel the chat also reserves joe1 and joeI so they can't be used by regular users to impersonate the Op.

 Color, Rose, Bold Color

Operators can use color, make their whole line bold or colored, or mix and match as well as use special command for fading their text from one color to another.
  • [Alamak] This is a normal person chatting.
  • [Alamak] This is an example of Operator chatting with blue bold with RED and italic modications.
  • * Alamak ~~{~~{@ ~~{~~{@ ~~{~~{@ ~~{~~{@ (((( WONDERFUL ROSES )))) @}~}~~ @}~}~~ @}~}~~ @}~}~~

 Cool Icons

Operators get full access to our icon library. In the chat type // to get a full list of icons, then type /iconname in the middle of your sentance and it will be replaced with the icon. You can use up to 9 icons per line. You can also send icons in private messages, chat mail, or combine them with /color and word modifications like bolded color.

Here's a few ...

Each server can have a different set of icons. Click on Alamak Icon Help to see the current set of icons for this server.

Some icons are created by Alamak but most are contributed by our users. Users send new icons to the committee who then upload them with the /zicon command (special committee commands start with /z). Unused or bad icons can be removed by the Alamak office staff.

 Give & Grant

This /give command allows Operators to give use of /color to one other regular user on the chat so they can try it out. We reserve the right to alter or remove this command at any time.

This /grant command allows Operators to give use of /color /pic /http /img and icons to one other regular user on the chat so they can try it out.

An Operator can /give or /grant one other person at a time. Alamak reserves the right to alter or remove these two commands at any time.

 Bypass Bans and Proxy

Bans and proxy blocks are not foolproof and in many cases block out innocent users as well as the offending person harrassing, flooding, or using foul language etc.

Operators are not subject to the normal IP bans and proxy blocks. Operators can only be banned explicitly by nickname by higher level Ops in cases of extreme abuse.

As an Operator, even if someone bans your IP address you can still enter the chat with your Ops nickname and password. Ops login also bypasses proxy blocking and the robot blocker.

 Preferences and Saved Relogin

If you get disconnected by a network error, your modem fails, your PC crashes, or whatever ... you can relogin and your message buffer will still be there.

Now also upgraded Jun/2003 even your /mold is saved. So if you get disconnected and relogin you can access any messages you missed and your old messages too!

Not only this but all your Ignore, Page Length, Color, Null, Quick Message List, IP Switch, and Auto Reply settings will be saved so you don't have to retype them.

Operators have the added benefit that preferences are saved each session. This means things refresh speed, page length, page width, color, null, quick message list, ip switch setting, comment, auto-reply, intro, pic link, /ops setting, and /nick are all saved. Ops don't have to retype thier auto-reply and other perferences everytime they login to the chat.

This also means an Operator can login with the Ops nick but appear to login under a different nick because its reset to the preferences last used in the server. Ops can use /pref to make sure the last used settings are saved but they are also saved during /quit.

 Chat Mail

This is a chat mail function allowing users to send each other messages even if offline. When you login to the chat you will be notified if you have new CMAIL and provided a link to read it. You can also access CMAIL from inside of FreeHome. You can also delete CMAILS, add people to your AddressBook or Wait List, and use /mailset to accept or deny cmails from other users.

 Wait List

This function allows you to wait for and be notified when your friends log into the chat. There is also a seperate wait window you can click to view all logins on local servers even including cybermyst. It shows the current nickname as well as the real nick of the people on your wait list who are currently logged in.

 Alamak AddressBook / Search / FreeHome

Freehome is used to manage many functions without actually logging into the chat.

You can search out other users and add them to your addressbook as well as send and reply to mail, even block particular other users from sending your chat mail. And even view a dynamic list of who is currently online.

The Freehome server also supports home pages. We plan to replace FreeHome with virtual hosting so Ops can have thier own Alamak Host like! Alamak hosting has no annoying popups or advertisements, its your own site!

Freehome is going to be phased out and replaced with services that are easier to use and have more options (edited July/2003).

 Free Guestbooks

Alamak offers a very popular free guestbook service on all our servers. This is free but remember supported by Operator subscriptions.

 CyberMyst Access

We have developed a multiuser web based game of hacking and slashing evil monsters, collecting potions, weapons, magical items, and so on.

Users can login and try out CyberMyst but upon quitting only Operators can save their score and be reported on the high scores list.

Additionally, Operators have access to special commands for creating doors, describing room, etc...

 Galactic Conq

This is a web based strategy game where you design a race and manage growth of your empire. Eventually, you meet alien races and cooperate or compete ( not always peacefully ) for the limited resources available.

Games are not always open or running. I'd love to spend all my time maintaining and upgrading this game but it doesn't make enough to pay for the resources consumed. In short I can't feed myself and spend all my time writing (and play testing) games. So GC games are run intermittently. Sorry guys, will try to get back to it after site upgrades if I got any spare time.

Operators have access to a special command '/ops' which once enabled allows unlimited colonization, without the /ops command users will be limited to a set number of planets they can colonzie depending on current GC game policy.

 Alamak Community and Continued Development

Alamak is a community of concerned users, and has been in operatation since mid 1995. As an Operator you are helping to support our community. We are continually working to improve the chatline and add new services. Recently added aret he AddressBooks, Wait, Galactic Conq, and FreeHome/CMAIL access as well as a new client to run on Alamak.

Operator memberships also support the Free Chat and Free Guestbooks!

Operator membership supports all of our services and including free chatting, and hence Operators should be appreciated by regular users for making their chatting possible.

As an Alamak Operator you are paying for our original ideas and work to improve service to you, not a rip off or a copy of another site. It is important to note that Alamak was the first and is still one of the most popular web based chats.


Each server has a Committee of high level Operators that enforce the chat rules. They read /com board compliants and suggestions, monitor the chat BB, check /abuse logs, and investigate complaints to determine what action should be taken. br>
They can issue warnings or recommend a user be put on the permanent ban list. In cases of Operator abuse the committee can /deop the Operator till he/she agrees to treat all users fairly and with respect.

Any Operator over level 12 can become a Committee member. Commitee are selected by recommendation by the current committee. Alamak offices do not entertain requests for level upgrade or complaints about level changes. We reserve the right to change anyones level for any reason but will not do so over trivial matters.

 Operator Support

As an Operator you will have access to /id /abuse and /com commands. These commands allow you to identify other Ops, record abuse, and send a message to the committee in cases where a renegade Ops may be abusing thier authority.

You will also be given preferential treatment when submitting a request and asking for help via the Contact Page. If you have a login problem, account problem, or complaint we'll do our best to help you in a timely fashion.

 More Chat Commands

Operators get a whole bunch of commands not available to regular users! We used to list them here but the list is just too long!

To see a list of chat commands available to Alamak Operators see our Operator Commands page.

 Operator Application

Ops can signup by Credit Card ( VISA OR MASTERCARD ) via the Operator Application (Credit Card) and the account is activated within a few minutes on all servers or send Check or Money Order to one of our offices. To become an Operator, join up on the Operator Application (Cheque Mail Bank Transfer) page.