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"Fun & Friendly Chat & Games since 1995"
Chat Rules
Rules Intro
No Insults
Sarcastic Remarks
No Racism
No Harrassment
No Mass Login
No Attacking Ops
No Vulgarity
Private Rooms
The Hot_Tub
No Porn Links
English Default
No Advertising
No Flooding
No RePosting
Phone Numbers
No Drug Talk
No Gang Talk
Illegal Activities
No Hacking
Kick/Ban Rules
BB Abuse
Slander of Alamak
Comm Info
Chat Rules

 Bulletin Board Abuse

The Bulletin Board is for leaving messages to other users with the /post command. All users can see the Board with the /read command. Please do not use it to quarrel, insult, harass, threaten, slander, libel, or complain about other users or the chat in general. If you have complaints about Alamak, use the Contact Us Page. If you have complaints about other Operators, use the /com and /abuse commands to contact the committee.

If you post excessively or make attempts to flush postings off the board you can be suspended or deopped for up to 2 weeks. Postings can be specifically removed by the committee on request.

 Slander of Alamak Chat

We do our best to provide fair and good service. If you have a complaint about Alamak use the Contact Us Page.

Please do not come onto the chat and complain about the level system or in any other way disparage the Chat. Also slandering other chatters is considered harrassmen and is not allowed.

It is much more effective to use the Contact Page. We may take some time to respond but we try very hard to keep our users happy and provide fair treatment.

We do welcome positive feedback. Please use the Contact Us Page to tell us how we can improve our service to you.

 Do NOT Share Committee Information

Committee should not reveal the /deop list, who did deops, contents of the abuse logs , dicussion on the comBB, results from a full /id or any other privileged committee information to other chatters publically or privately.

Abuse logs can only be read by trusted committee members and are flushed after 30 days. Committee are strictly not allowed not to share the contents of the abuse log or committee board on Alamak or via any other method such as phone or email. Doing so will result in immediate removal from the Committee and possibly a suspension.