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"Fun & Friendly Chat & Games since 1995"
Chat Rules
Rules Intro
No Insults
Sarcastic Remarks
No Racism
No Harrassment
No Mass Login
No Attacking Ops
No Vulgarity
Private Rooms
The Hot_Tub
No Porn Links
English Default
No Advertising
No Flooding
No RePosting
Phone Numbers
No Drug Talk
No Gang Talk
Illegal Activities
No Hacking
Kick/Ban Rules
BB Abuse
Slander of Alamak
Comm Info
Chat Rules

 No Drug Talk

Drug talk, drug nicks, and promotion of drug-related activities is not allowed in Alamak Chat.

In accordance with our free speech policy you are allowed political style debate on legalization as long as the majority of users in the room are not offended by the topic and it is not one of the Teens rooms.

 No Gang Talk

Gang talk, gang nicks, and promotion of gang-related activities is not allowed in Alamak Chat.

 No Illegal Activities

Discussion of illegal activities, promotion of illegal activities, carrying on of illegal activities of any kind is not allowed in the chat. This includes hacking activities, drug activities, gang activities, cybersex with underage users, stalking, etc.

We have recently had problems with a user who insists on discussing Rape and Snuff Films online. This is illegal and not acceptable under any circumstances and these sort of users should be dealt with in the strictest possible manner.

Operators involved will be immeditately suspended and users involved will be kicked or banned without warning.

 No Hacking

Hacking is an illegal activity and use of or distribution of hacking programs is not allowed.

Using an nick to try to make you look like someone who works for Alamak or trying to get other users info by posing as an Alamak staff is not allowed.

Attempts to get other people's passwords or session ID's is not allowed.

Engaging in activities to disrupt the Alamak servers, DOS attacks, worms, viruses, or sending or using these programs against other users is not allowed.

If you are caught xwe will take the severest measures available possibly including reporting you to internet and country based authorities. If you are an Operator your account may be suspended indefinitely and/or revoked permanently without refund as per the acceptable use of Ops conditions.