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"Fun & Friendly Chat & Games since 1995"
Chat Rules
Rules Intro
No Insults
Sarcastic Remarks
No Racism
No Harrassment
No Mass Login
No Attacking Ops
No Vulgarity
Private Rooms
The Hot_Tub
No Porn Links
English Default
No Advertising
No Flooding
No RePosting
Phone Numbers
No Drug Talk
No Gang Talk
Illegal Activities
No Hacking
Kick/Ban Rules
BB Abuse
Slander of Alamak
Comm Info
Chat Rules

 No Vulgarity & Bad Language

Use of vulgar language in any public room is not allowed. Use of vulgar nicknames is not allowed in any room since this can be viewed on a /who listing.

You can use any kind of language you like in a private messages or locked rooms as it is agreeable to all involved.

We have many under-age users on the chat and conversation in "public" rooms must considered be acceptable to parents. Please think before you type.

The only exception to this rule is the Hot_Tub in Server #1 which has become very lax in enforcing these rules. This may chance or we may move the room to a different server.

Words like hell, damn, dammit, pissed, shit, or ass are acceptable unless they are used in insulting or vulgar context. Saying "my job sucks" is acceptable, whereas using the word "suck" in other contexts may not be acceptable.

Some words are filtered by the server and replaced with asterisks.

 Private Rooms

If you in a locked/private room and the Operator who locked the room asks you to leave, you can be kicked if you fail to leave within 2 minutes.

 The Hot_Tub

The language restrictions in Server #1 Hot_Tub are more lax than other rooms. Other rules still apply but the flavor of the room is set by the user of the room.

If the majority of the users find the topics and language is acceptable then kicking should not occur. Please note the rules on insults, racism, harrassment, cybersex in the main, porn links in the main, illegal activities, drugs, gangs etc still apply.

Open cybersex is still not allowed in the main though you can ask for people to contact you in private message. Please try to keep the main clean enough for young people who may occaisionally visit the room. Thanks!

 Cyber Sex

Engaging in cybersex in the main of public rooms is not allowed. Locked rooms and private messages do not apply.

Repeatedly asking for cybersex or phone sex or to meet for sex in the main is not allowed. Asking for cybersex in any of the Teens rooms, even if by private message, is not allowed.

These people should be kicked out for soliciting.

 No Porn Links

Posting of links or posting addresses of pornographic sites or sites with sex related content is not allowed in Alamak Chat.

You are allowed to send any kind of pictures you want with the /send command to other users as long as that user agrees and the pictures do not contain any illegal or underage content and the other user is also not underage.