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Chat Rules
Rules Intro
No Insults
Sarcastic Remarks
No Racism
No Harrassment
No Mass Login
No Attacking Ops
No Vulgarity
Private Rooms
The Hot_Tub
No Porn Links
English Default
No Advertising
No Flooding
No RePosting
Phone Numbers
No Drug Talk
No Gang Talk
Illegal Activities
No Hacking
Kick/Ban Rules
BB Abuse
Slander of Alamak
Comm Info
Chat Rules

 Kick and Ban Rules

Unless it's a case of flooding or intentional disruption of the chat, Operators should politely message the user in private to try and resolve the problem by talking. If this fails and the person continues the Op can then publically /warn the user, /kick, or /ban.

If the user has clearly been warned before and is aware of the rules, or is a repeat offender they can be kicked without warning by private message.

Kicking for CAPS is not allowed.

Kicking of ghost nicks is not allowed. Some users claim they were using a nick and were disconnected to get another chatter using that nick kicked off or to get the nick that the other chatter is using. Ops should not help regular users to steal a nick away from someone who had it first. The chat now has several features which transparently allow the user to log back in with the same nick, so kicking of ghost nicks is not necessary. If it is truly a ghost nick it will time out in 5 minutes and the user can then do a nick change.

Kicking impersonation or similar nicks is not allowed unless it is a clear case of harassment. If the similar nick is allowed by the server, its user has a right to use it unless they are harassing someone in the chat. In this case, kick or ban for harassment not impersonation.

Kicking for cyber sex or solicitation in main is allowed after a warning or in the Teens room without a warning.

Kicking for cyber sex or solicitation in private message is only allowed if the person has been asked not to bother the user and they continue, and then it falls under harrassment. To kick or ban the offender please provide evidence via a forwarded message. Under no circumstances should any user repost the messages in the main.

Kicking for vulgarity or harrassment in private messages follows these rules.
  1. If an Operator receives the vulgarity or harassment in a private message, the Operator should first ask the offending person to stop and try using /ig (the ignore command). If this fails the Operator can kick or ban the person for the reason of "harassment". The Ops may be asked by a committee to /forward the offensive messages.
  2. If a non-Operator USER A requests a kick or ban for harassment or vulgarity in private message from USER B, the Operator should 1) Ask USER A to /forward the private messages, 2) Ask if USER B has been asked to stop sending messages, and 3) Has USER A tried using /ig (the ignore command)? If there is enough evidence in the /forward the Operator should first inform USER B that there is proof of harrassment and politely ask them to stop sending messages to USER A. If this does not work and the Operator has evidence from the /foward the Op may kick or ban USER B for harrassment in private messages. If USER A can not provide evidence, the Operator may still ask the the USER B what is going on. In both situations, the Operator involved may be asked by a Committee member to support their action by forwarding the private messages (or the /forward from the non-Operator) to the Committee member for review. When asked, please provide it promptly - thanks.
  3. Exception - One user routinely every day sent offending messages to one of our Ops. This is harrassment and for repeat cases the offender can be kicked without warning.
Other rules for kicking and banning as per stated in the rest of the rules.