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"Fun & Friendly Chat & Games since 1995"
Chat Rules
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No Insults
Sarcastic Remarks
No Racism
No Harrassment
No Mass Login
No Attacking Ops
No Vulgarity
Private Rooms
The Hot_Tub
No Porn Links
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No Flooding
No RePosting
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Chat Rules

 No Insults

This is a friendly chat and we are all here to get along, have fun, and meet people. If you are in a bad mood please don't take it out on other who are just trying to relax, possibly after a long hard day at work like you?

Saying "life sucks" is okay, but saying "you suck" is an insult, or is that a question? *grin*

If you do engage in insults and there is a complaint you may be kicked or banned. If you just enter the chat and say something like 'YOU ALL SUCK' then expect to get kicked or banned.

Insulting or insensitive messages in a persons /comment or /auto are not allowed. Remember this is a friendly chat!


It is against our rules to voice out on the chat political ideas which are insulting or insensitive to the feelings of other chatters.

Alamak does support freedom of speech and we encourage political discussion. We must point out there is a big difference between campaigning for a particular agenda vs discussing the pros and cons of an idea.

Chatters are not allowed to post policical messages or slogans in their /comment or /auto reply or put any kind of links to political sites or political articles. You may also be kicked, banned, deopped, or suspended if you repeatedly voice out or promote a particular political agenda to the point where it becomes irritating to other chatters.

Thanks for understanding!


It is against the chat rules to promote your religious views or religion in the chat unless all people in the room are willing to accept the discussion. You may not also engage in insults of another person's religion, religious views, religious group, or carry on topics which are insensitive to the feelings of other chatters or religious group.

We do support freedom of religion and encourage constructive discussion of religion in appropriate rooms or as long as everyone in the room agrees that the topic is acceptable. Again I'd like to point out that constructive discussion, debate, or question and answer session about a religion is much different that trying to force your views on others who are unwilling to listen and just want friendly chat.

Chatters are not allowed to post religious messages or slogans on main/ in thier /comment, or /auto reply or put any kinds of links to religious sites or religious articles. You may also be kicked, banned, deopped, or suspended if you repeatedly promote any religion or religious views to the point where it becomes irritating to other chatters.

Thanks for understanding!

 No Sarcastic Remarks

Sarcastic remarks and insults might seem subtle or clever but really it just shows our own worst nature. Everyone is different and we may not always agree but we can agree that we disagree. We do not have to drop to the level of insults. As a last resort you can always ignore that person you don't get along with.

It is our hope that we can all show our better and more tolerant side so others will think better of us and at the same time make life easier for each other!

Ops should never to use their authority or power to disparage, theaten, demean, or talk down to other users or lower level Ops. If they do so, they can be deopped, suspended, level dropped, or have their account removed depending on the situation. Also Ops who engage in this frequently end up being ganged up on by users and other Ops as well. See more on Ganging Up below.

 No Racism or Bigotry

Racists statements are strictly not allowed in the chat. Promotion of racism or racist groups is also not allowed. Operators involved will be immeditately suspended and users involved will be kicked or banned without warning.

 No Harassment

Hostile, insulting or harassing behavior is not acceptable.

If a user indicates he or she does not wish to chat with you and you continue to send private messages, chat to or about that person in the main it is considered harrassment. Users have the right to be left alone and chat with whom ever they wish to chat, this includes Ops and non-Ops alike.

Operators are not allowed to misuse thier authority to force other users to chat, or to kick or ban users for personal reasons.

 No Mass Entering Rooms and Icon Floods

Within the chat users and Operators are allowed to go into any public rooms but if many users and or Ops change room with the clear intention to disrupt that room it is consdered harrassment and the users can be kicked or banned and the Ops can be deopped or suspended. If the majority of the regular users a room are offended by activities there and have asked the offenders to stop the offenders can be kicked, banned, deopped or suspended.

Wars between rooms will not be tolerated. Cases like the one where the '40plus' group went to the 'Woods' all at the same time and repeatedly posted gun icons day after day will not be tolerated. I think a little respect for each others people feelings goes a long way to making the chat a better place for us all.

 No Ganging Up on Ops

Publicly or privately harrassing an Ops for kicks or bans is not allowed. If an Operator is acting unfairly, make a report to the committee using the /com command and/or /abuse command.

Only Committee and the System Admin can question Ops about their actions.