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Chat Rules
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Chat Rules

 English Default

Within Alamak Chat we have many servers and rooms some which are designated for specific langauges. Ideally we hope that everyone can find other people with similar interests to chat with, that is why we set up seperate rooms with different room names,

When a user first visits Alamak the most common action is to login, without selecting any particular room. This will bring the user to a default starting room where he or she can chat. It is our experience that when non-english speakers flood the default room with non-english most new chatters come in, don't understand then leave. This is a very fast way to loose chatters and the chat.

We therefore respectfully request users to use primarily English in these 'default rooms. This policy is not anti-ethnic or racist but for an entirely practical reason. Users have been notably uncooperative so default rooms have a filter which will summons a user typing certain key words to another room.

We do encourage you to speak your own language and appreciate you as Alamak users but please for practical reasons and to facilitate communication between chatters use English as the primary language in the default starting rooms. Currently this rule applies only to the 3 rooms as follows.

 Designated Default Rooms
  1. Server 1 - Maks
  2. Server 1 - Doorstep
  3. Server SG - Singapore Room
 Some Popular International Rooms
  1. Server 2 - India
  2. Server MY - Malaysia
  3. Server 2 - Indonesia
  4. Server 2 - Philppines
  5. Server 2 - Vietnam
  6. Server TR - Arabia
  7. Server TR - Turkey
  8. Server TR - Pakistan
  9. Server SG - Alamak (Channel for Singapore Malay speakers)
  10. Server SG - Kota_Singha (Channel for Singapore Malay speakers)
This is not a comprehensive list certainly, we have many other international rooms which are heavily used as well!